Delivering Success

With Offices And Manufacturing In North America, Europe And Asia


Why FEC Builders?

FEC Builders is part of iPlayCO Group of Companies. We create and deliver full Turnkey solutions to our customers. Our expertise is more than 20 years creating and delivering successful business projects and solutions.

With our dedicated International team of professionals Business Analytics, Project Managers, Designers, Architects, Marketers, Technical Specialists and highly qualified Production Team our customers are well assured about their investments.

We work closely with our customers. Each solution is customized and tailored to meet our customer’s needs. We do believe that the key for a successful business is the collaboration between our team and our customers.



Delivering Success

From the Research Phase to the Grand Opening, you can depend on our support and expertise to help you reach your goals. 


Indoor Playground Business Plan, Edutainment, Family Entertainment, FEC Development

Maximize Revenues

Proper planning and operational services allow us to ensure the maximum number of guests and throughput of your visitors to assure maximum revenue streams are created while considering the safety and comfort of your guests.  The guest experience starts before they enter your facility and continues after the leave.  All of these elements factor in to your brand and entertainment valuation determined by each guest.  Attract, serve, and retain your guests from the moment you open your new facility or attraction.



On-Site Services

Services include a review of the location for concept design and planning purposes, project supervision, operational systems and training, budget planning, manager and supervisor training, maintenance reviews, brand and proprietary considerations, signage and more.


Indoor Playground Business Plan, Edutainment, Family Entertainment, FEC Development

Art and Theme Direction

Creation of custom artwork to complement and represent your concept or attraction is crucial in keeping the consistency of your brand and overall theme. The FEC Builders art department have worked with numerous international entertainment, restaurant, and retail brands. We consistently ensure the integrity of every aspect of a character, logo, themed façade, featured attraction components, F & B and retail environment have the correct consistency throughout each and every project



Customization and Innovation

The FEC Builders team has the capability to change the way a design is approached. Whether you are creating a unique 2D and 3D themed façade, envisioning a custom carpet, tile, flooring finish or unique pathway, creating brand specific murals and artwork criteria.  Inspiring new branded attractions and themed retail, furniture, or other complementary aspects of the story and imagination process that are required within each project.  We look at every project differently and all projects receive the same care and attention required for ultimate success.  

Indoor Playground Business Plan, Edutainment, Family Entertainment, FEC Development

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FEC Builders have developed numerous edutainment facilities and independent environments for entertainment facilities.  Retail offerings as well as customized cities & towns, science centers, zoos and museums are just some of the environments we have placed our educational “turn-key” attractions.